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We’ve all heard the expression “do not put all you eggs in one basket.”  This piece of advice is especially important for investors.  They should rarely place all or most of their money into one security or one investment strategy. If an investment professional concentrates a customer’s portfolio in an individual investment or type of investment (i.e., more than 10% of the entire portfolio), then the risk of potential loss associated with that portfolio is increased dramatically.

Over-concentration is not suitable for most customers and undermines the principles of prudent asset management.  In fact, over-concentration is one of the riskiest, and most speculative, investment strategies because the portfolio is not diversified and subject to the risks associated with the industry or type of investment product. Diversification is therefore an essential tool used to control and manage risks in an investment portfolio.

Customers who suffer losses as a result of over-concentration or the failure to diversify may be able to recover their losses in a FINRA arbitration. Freiberger Haber LLP can help you determine whether an investment loss is the result of securities concentration.  If you believe your investment professional has made a recommendation that is inconsistent with your investment objectives, risk tolerance and needs, and has failed to diversify your portfolio, contact Freiberger Haber LLP to discuss your rights.

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