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In order for any business to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, it is essential to navigate the inherent risks involved in a variety of business law contracts and ventures. Freiberger Haber LLP combines experience and sophistication with flexibility and cost efficiency to business owners, entrepreneurs and executives on a broad range of legal and business matters. The Firm has experience in a variety of business transactions, contract negotiation and preparation, as well as pursuing and defending clients across multiple industries. Speak with a Freiberger Haber business law lawyer today for more information.

NYC Business Litigation Lawyer

Freiberger Haber LLP works with clients to design business transactions, operations, and strategies by negotiating and preparing consulting and vendor agreements and executive compensation plans.

The Firm strives to minimize the risk of disputes and typically advises clients to pursue alternative dispute resolution whether through arbitration or mediation. If litigation is inevitable, however, Freiberger Haber LLP will vigorously defend your interests in court.

Regardless of the nature of the transaction or legal challenge, Freiberger Haber LLP can provide insight and objective analysis that will help you make the right business decisions.

Business Transactions With A New York Business Lawyer

If your goal is to buy or sell a business, Freiberger Haber LLP can advise you on structuring the transaction, whether an asset purchase, merger or acquisition. They have legal experience negotiating and preparing deal memoranda as well as other transaction documents including asset and stock purchase agreements and security agreements.  The Firm works with buyers and sellers during the due diligence process to proactively address any legal issues that may arise.

How does business litigation affect a company?

Litigation can significantly impact a company in the following ways:

  • Financial costs – Lawyer fees, court costs, settlements or judgments can be very expensive. This cuts into profits.
  • Time and resource drain – Executives may have to devote substantial time to depositions, document production, and working with attorneys.
  • Reputational damage – Lawsuits, especially high-profile ones, can harm a company’s brand and public image.
  • Disruption and uncertainty – Litigation brings uncertainty, can be distracting, and affects company decision-making.
  • Management distraction – Time spent by management focused on litigation distracts from business operations.
  • Disclosure of sensitive information – Through discovery, competitors may gain access to sensitive company information and trade secrets.

Companies strive to avoid litigation because it invariably has high costs, monetary and otherwise. But thorough preparation and assistance of counsel can mitigate risks.

What type of cases are best suited for litigation?

Some types of cases that lend themselves well to litigation include:

  • Breach of contract – These contract disputes often end up in litigation when settlement talks fail.
  • Personal injury – Seeking compensation for injuries often requires filing a lawsuit.
  • Employment disputes – Discrimination, wrongful termination, and labor issues frequently go to court.
  • Products liability – Injuries from defective products may necessitate litigation against manufacturers.
  • Real estate disputes – Disagreements over property rights and ownership often necessitate litigation.
  • Professional malpractice – Suing for negligence of doctors, lawyers, accountants etc. typically involves litigation.
  • Business partnership disputes – Disagreements between business partners often end up in court.
  • Intellectual property – Infringement of IP rights requires litigation to protect legal interests.

Of course, every case is different. But these are some common situations where pursuing formal litigation makes sense for resolving the conflict.

What is litigation in business law?

In business law, litigation refers to the process of bringing a civil lawsuit and proceeding through trial to resolve a legal dispute between two parties, such as companies or individuals.

There are several key aspects of business litigation:

  • Breach of contracts – Businesses sue each other for breaching contractual obligations.
  • Unfair competition – Companies may file lawsuits against competitors over deceptive trade practices.
  • Fraud cases – Businesses take legal action over allegations of fraud by partners, suppliers, etc.
  • Shareholder disputes – Corporate management disputes may play out in court.
  • Labor and employment – Businesses defend against suits over issues like discrimination.
  • Liability claims – Companies sue each other over liabilities involving products, services, deals gone bad, etc.
  • Intellectual property – Copyright, trademark, and patent cases often end up in business litigation.

The litigation process involves discovery, pre-trial motions, settlement negotiations, and can culminate in a full trial. Hiring experienced business litigators is crucial.

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Contact our office to schedule a consultation regarding your business law needs! Located in New York City and Melville, Long Island, Freiberger Haber LLP is dedicated to representing corporations, small businesses, partnerships, and individuals involved in a broad range of business litigation matters, legal agreements, and business transactions. Speak to one of our business law attorneys for more information regarding your case.

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